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Spring is the perfect season for fishermen, it allows us to enjoy more days and better catches, but it also puts all our skills to the test. All predators, at different rates, yes, they move from the bottom to more superficial areas, but they move many months in intermediate waters where artificial suspending helps us to achieve very good results in this transition period.

Handling of artificial suspending lures

Our artificial suspending, we must move them in intermediate waters that allow essentially horizontal attacks, moving the fish at the same level as the predator, seeking its attack essentially from bottom to top.

Before spawning, fish are suspicious. Therefore, we must present our artificial in a natural way, without abruptness, it is preferable smooth, slow movements than stops and starts than if we will leave when spring advances more.

We will throw the artificial one and we will pick it up with different cane positions and we will see how it moves to see how we present it. Thus, we will repeat our sets in the area where we believe that basses, pike or perch are found. We must always pick up the lure with the appropriate but constant speed and cadence, avoiding jerks, accelerations and stops.

Choice of lures

In the choice of lures we have several possibilities. First of all, we have the Inquisitor, an ideal for its silent movement that does not scare the still suspicious fish. Its rotating movement is very attractive, if we pick it up slowly we will have a uniform pattern that avoids startles.

Another clear plus is in its magnetic weight transfer system. Thanks to this, we improve the cast to more distant areas, essential if we fish in beach areas where there are no large cuts from the shore

The second recommendation is the classic shad, a very versatile lure that allows us to take full advantage of predators such as black bass. Its suggestive movement is a great stimulus especially for starting from deeper layers and getting spectacular shots of our artificial.

Finally, we have another great option in the Bold. This artificial combines very well the advantages of strong sound waves thanks to its vibration design that allows it to attract large predators over long distances. Its generation of waves allows it to attract pike in quite distant areas, something ideal when a spawning and defense area has not yet been defined that we will have when the month of May advances.

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